Wednesday, June 20, 2012

28 Minutes

Last night, 28 minutes before our friends were coming over, I got mad at the Mr.

T minus twenty eight and I'm in the bathroom huffing.  Behind 3 closed doors, my bedroom, then the bathroom, then the throne room.  As I sat there on the toilet, with the lid down, praying, I was frustrated at the situation.

There were still candles to be lit, lamps to be turned on, and a floor to be vacuumed and there I was in the bathroom hashing it out in prayer with the Lord.

Trying to remember the words I had read earlier.  It was something about giving grace to those who don't deserve it and speaking words that give life to those who hear.  It sounded better in my chair this morning while I was alone.  But having to apply it twenty eight minutes before the party was not my idea of fun.

That's the trouble with character building.  With allowing God to establish holiness in your life.  It doesn't come in a pretty package with a bow.  It doesn't happen sitting prettily in Bible Study with a finished lesson.

It happens twenty eight minutes before company comes while you're sitting in the toilet room deciding which road to take.

Within an hour my heart had softened and I extended forgiveness and grace and the boys killed us in cards.  Thanks, Lord.  I obeyed you and you still let me get stomped?  (haha) In the early days, it would have taken me days to forgive.

Wasted days, time and energy spent stewing, and letting the bitterness and anger grow.

Giving grace would have been nowhere on my radar.

The very nature of grace is that someone gets what they don't deserve.  Following Christ's example requires that we forgive those that don't deserve it.  It requires that we love back when we've been hurt.  It's not easy but it is possible. 

When God gives you a command on how to react, He will equip you through the power of the Holy Spirit to carry it out.   So here's the marching orders.

Watch the words that come out of your mouth.  Speak encouraging words that build people up, according to the need of the moment.  Let your words give grace to those that hear.

Ephesians 4:29


New Every Morning said...

I love your honesty. Honesty about weakness and then sharing true forgiveness is beautiful. You made my day. I'm sitting on the ONLY chair left in our house (the computer chair) checking blogs that I've had withdrawl symptoms from, even though there is messy chaos all around. Wanna come pack those last few boxes for me? ;) Love your heart, sweet friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Who were you mad at?
-The Mr.

Sally Clarkson said...

I see you so often encouraging me on my own blog and appreciate you. I do not even read other blogs very much because I have so little time. But I so enjoyed your blog today as I read it. You are a gifted communicator and I could so relate to your post. Blessings to you, sweet one.
Sally Clarkson

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anna for the great reminder! i need to print this out and put it in my journal. Love you much, friend!
Amy "The Red"