Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Can we go there?

So tonight we watched a show about Disney's Animal Kingdom. This little guy really got into it.  When I say he got into it, he barely watched but came into the living room 28 minutes into the show fully dressed.  He had taken off his pj's and put clothes and shoes back on.

Can we go there Mom, can we?  Go where honey?  To Disney World, can we go there right now?  Well not right now because it's a 2 day drive and it costs money.  Well, we have dollars.  And he disappears.  He's back in a flash holding a $20.  Mom, we have Eleben dollars, now can we go, can we?  We can drive the Camry and I can sit in the middle and buckle my own seat belt.

And we can make a list, he says.  He disappears again and comes back in with my Sam's Club list.  There was some chatter about the value of the list.  There were some tears that we did not make it to Disney World this evening.  But dang, was it hilarious.

Dude found dollars and a list.  He was determined.  In the end we settled on Monkey PJ's and a book about seashells.


Country Mom City Mom said...

I highly recommend Animal Kingdom. Your little dude had the right idea! It was our favorite park. You should go!!!!! :)

and I know I've told you this before...but that Krispy Kreme picture is one of the many reasons I love you.

Anonymous said...

this is funny! He is your child...finding money when it seems there is none and making a list! :) beck

Ramona from Sam's Club said...

Your son is too cute! Such a prepared little guy and we’re glad that he’s already learned the value of list-making. Hope you have a good summer and that your son keeps you laughing! – Ramona at Sam’s Club