Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Gift Of Training

Shane snapped this pic when he walked in last night.  This is (most of) our Ministry of Motherhood group and this picture makes me so happy.  The last 5 weeks have been so amazing with these women.  We have had a blast eating and sharing together.

Last night we talked about the gift of training.  We looked at the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000.  My favorite part of that story is how God met the need.  The men looked at the resources and determined people needed to be sent away.  Jesus said, "What do we have available?" 

The small resources, when placed in His hands, became enough.

My temptation is to feel my resources aren't adequate.  That they aren't enough.  The challenge to me is that my resources placed in His hands will always be enough.  They may be small.  When viewed with earthly eyes they may seem insignificant.  The daily task of training our children can seem unfruitful.  You may be tempted to wander, is this enough?  The Bible says apart from me you can do no good thing.  With me, all things are possible.  You plant the seed, I'll water it and make it grow.

When you tell your son to stay inside and he steps two little feet over the threshold of the doorway.  It's not a huge, showy, "Hey Look at me I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off in the yard even when you told me to stay inside!!!"  No, it's quiet.  It's subtle.  It's, "I heard what you said and slowly, I will put one foot outside the door and then the other".  And now I'm quietly standing on the mat in front of the door.  Outside.  Like you told me not to do.

The gift of training is enduring in disciplining when it seems easier not to.  It is asking God to help impart words to prepare them for situations.  Helping them think through scenarios, whenever possible, before they encounter them.  It is not always rescuing them.  Allowing them to sometimes make a choice and experience the consequence.  It is modeling your faith, out loud, in front of them.  Opening up to them at times about what you are going through and how exactly you are looking to God for guidance.

I bet right now you have something you are seeking God for.  Using that as a natural thing to say, "You know kids, this is what we are going through right now.  We are waiting on God to give us clear direction.  We are praying for Him to lead us and show us the way"...and then, when He answers, pointing it out to them.

Training involves teaching them to pray.  Praying together, as a family.  Teaching them to read their Bible.  Reading the Bible as a family.  The challenge this week is to read Proverbs 1-4 daily as a family (out loud, together).  Mention it to your hubby.  See if he'd be willing to lead that time after dinner.  Or you could read it before bedtime.  Or at breakfast. 

After talking last night, some of the tactics of the enemy became so apparent.  He wants us to think we have to wait for the perfect time.  To think it has to be done the exact right way.  My kids are too young.  My kids are too old, we've missed the window.  I don't know how to do this.  It feels awkward reading out loud together.  The list could go on.

I firmly believe that training our children in the Word is the most fruitful gift of training we can impart to them.  We're giving it a try this week.  Proverbs 1-4 (or at least one Proverb a day) this week.  We'll forget.  Even though the Bible Basket has been placed on the table, I don't notice it yet.  It's funny how new habits can be a challenge to begin, even when it's staring you in the face.  Don't get discouraged when your training doesn't go perfect.

Remember, your small, inadequate resources, when placed in God's hands, are always enough.

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