Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Want to come over?

I'm opening up my home tomorrow night at 8:00pm

If you are a Mama and in need of encouragement you should come

For the next 6 weeks we are going to go through the book

The Ministry Of Motherhood

From the time I saw double lines on the pregnancy test I've been reading parenting books

They often leave me feeling stressed, condemned and feeling like a failure

Not this one

It points you straight to Jesus

What did His Ministry on earth look like

How did He disciple His Twelve

There are no extremes on the pendulum with this kind of approach to parenting

Look to Jesus

Take a breath of relief as grace starts to take over the reigns

As Kindness and Gentleness start to fill your sails


If you can't come on Wednesday nights I'd still love for you to join the discussion

Thursdays will be a day where you can come here and post comments on what spoke to you

I'll post highlights from the Wednesday night discussion

If you live out of town and are feeling alone and uncertain about your role as a Mom

Please order the book, read along and join the discussion


There are several places to order.  www.wholeheart.org, www.half.com, www.amazon.com

Go ahead and order so we can start reading and discussing.


Click Here to read reviews of this wonderful book

p.s. if you are interested in joining this group either in person or online do you mind sending me a quick text, call or email just so i can know how many to expect

1 comment:

Country Mom City Mom said...

oh how i LOVE that you are doing this!!! yee haw!!
i would totally join you, except that i'm in another book club right now. in a couple weeks?
that's actually one of Sally's books I haven't yet read!

you are fabulous!
Love ya!