Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Recipe

Remember last weeks Menu?

The one where none of the options looked that great?

Well, I tried the Love and Serve and it was good.  Today I'd like to share the recipe.  I'm still tweaking it, but this is a strong start for you.

1 hot shower
1 outfit (can be comfy, just need to be dressed)
1 pair of shoes
1 smile
1 go to bed earlier
8 glasses of water (you can start smaller and add more if you need to)

Add all of these in.  Mix well.  Gradually add in some out loud Scripture reading.

If you've been tired and worn out, chances are you are tempted to be grumpy about it.  Chances are you're tempted to feel sorry for yourself.  Chances are you are tempted to let discontentment set in.  That is one course you can choose to take.  The results are usually not pretty for anyone involved.

The second option is to take inventory of what you can do, what you can change.  When I am tired and worn out, a hot shower is the first thing that makes a difference.  Shampoo your hair and get yourself dressed.  Putting shoes on makes a huge difference.  It signals to your mind that even though I'm home, this is my realm and there are tasks I need to put my hands to.

Drink more water.  Not part of the list we like but if you are dehydrated it takes a toll on how you feel.

Get yourself to bed earlier tonight.  If you can rest during the day, find a time to make the house quiet and rest.

Smile.  Smile at those around you.  Smile when you speak to them.

When your ambition is to love those around you things start to change.

When you seek how you can bless them things change.  If you keep focusing on what you don't have and what you think you need, you'll stay miserable.

When you decide you're going to make your bed, get dressed and be nice, the atmosphere changes.

Last, but certainly not least, read the Bible.  Read Proverbs 3 (since today is May 3rd).  Read I Peter Chapter 1.  Read I John.  Anything.  But open your Bible and read it.  Read it out loud.

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New Every Morning said...

I want to print this out and tape it to my mirror. Except, our realtor wouldn't like that. So I'm taping it to my brain. Such great advice. SO needed this. Mwahh!