Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Emergency Budget Meeting

We had to have an Emergency Budget Meeting when I found out shakes at Sonic are half-price ALL SUMMER LONG after 8pm.   May, June, July, and August just got a new line on the ol' budget.  It's under the Mama's upping the calcium intake this summer for early osteoporosis intervention line.

Apparently Summer started early this year because the dealio is in full swing.

I've already got my pineapple shake on one time. You have got to try it. Trust me. Take 8 quarters and try one. If you like fruity, not too sweet and tropical you'll love it.  It is like the beach in a Styrofoam cup, only not.

Oh, and by the way, if you're coming to the study tonight (which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT), it's alright if you show up at 8:06 because you had to swing by for your After Moon Delight.  Also, if you're coming tonight, you may want to bring your Bible, pen and paper.

Please tell me if you try a pineapple shake and love it as much as I do.


Jennifer said...

I know! When I saw that a few days ago I sent the link to David and said, "We are in sooooo much trouble."

Anonymous said...

you are so funny. I saved enough calories to treat myself to a shamrock shake from mcd's and came home and logged it in....a whopping 540 calories and that was a SMALL. Such rudeness, I tell you. Summer is upon us and I want to enjoy some ice cream for crying out loud! Hope you girlies have fun tonight! Beck

New Every Morning said...

I've never had one of their shakes. Are we still friends? :)

I LOVE their cranberry limeade. SO refreshing!!!
Hope your study goes beautifully tonight!

Country Mom City Mom said...

I've never even been to Sonic before.
Are *we* still friends?
There's only one that I know of and it's waaaay on the other side of the cities.
But, maybe, just for YOU, I'll have to trek on over (after 8pm of course) and check it out.

Have sooooo much fun and encouragement and joy tonight! I wish I lived closer ;)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I LOVE that you're hosting this study! What a great idea.

Also? I have a 1976 "What Happiness Is" tea towel with your name on it. Send me your addy. :)