Monday, May 14, 2012

True or False

There's gonna be a McDonald's in heaven? 

Did Noah part the Red Sea or God?

Was it made out of cheeseburgers?

The next one's a little too gross to post on the el bloggo...

God likes to listen to White Flag by Chris Tomlin?

Does God have jazz or jam music in heaven?

Does God have guitar heroes in heaven?

Does God have charity up in heaven?

(the above are questions I overheard my big boys pondering out loud during quiet time)

And now for my list...

When I walk through the door from walking and pop 5 cream puffs in my mouth the calories don't count?

I get to go out to dinner with my Bible Study ladies tonight and I am so excited I just about can't see straight?

I'm keeping an eye out for what kind of natural learning goes on under my roof and was surprised when the boys looked up and found where Papua New Guinea is on the globe?

Every afternoon we shut phones off and have quiet time and I re-put my pj's back on, that is unless of course I never got out of them in the first place?

Duck Dynasty is our families new favorite show?

If you guessed TRUE for my list then you got em' all right.  It's quiet time around these parts right now, and we're coming off a fantastic morning and a fantastic weekend.  Friday evening we grilled and had some of our best friends over and the girls won at cards.  That kind of victory is always sweet and I try to be very humble about our wins, ahem, not.

Saturday we spent the day with Shane's family.  It was such a fun day! We ate great food, my brother-in-law grilled the best dang Tequila Lime Chicken you ever tasted (it was a Kroger brand marinade and so great!) we got to visit, let the cousins run wild and play and we were introduced to Duck Dynasty.

Sunday church was so good.  There is nothing like worshipping together with church family.  We got to eat Mexican food for lunch, which was followed by a nice long nap.  Last night we sat on the patio, the kids played, I read, then we ordered pizza and watched Duck Dynasty.  Yes I am obsessed and thank you for asking. We went for Marble Slab with Nana, Papa and Mamaw and topped it all off with couch bed night and lots of snuggles.

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