Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Gift Of Inspiration

This week in our Ministry Of Motherhood study we talked about The Gift Of Inspiration.  Have you ever been inspired?  I know for me, all it takes is seeing one picture of a sparkling clean sink, and I am inspired to go clean mine.  Inspiration, both in word and picture, is a powerful thing.

It can be a simple next step.  Pointing their little hearts and minds towards God.  Telling them they are a great artist but not stopping there.  Saying, "I wonder how God is going to use your talent to bring Him Glory."

One thing God asks of us is to subdue the earth.  This is a picture of making your area of influence flourish.  Cultivating the ground around you.  The definition is a picture of bringing under control and I imagine adding beauty to the world around you.

When we point our children to God, we are inspiring a sense of purpose in them.  One question I've been pondering after reading this section of the book is a big one.  Do we really understand the significance of our lives?  That God has chosen us, you, me, specifically for His work.  We are His chosen vessels.  When we begin to realize this, the next phase is helping our children realize that they too are God's chosen vessels.

My favorite part of this section was Chapter 7.  The day when the household was a chaotic mess.  So much work to be done and the mundane duties of life were lacking luster.  A quick glance out the window took the breath away, and in an instant mother and daughter were running across a field to enjoy the beauty of a sky lit on fire with a sunset.

"Come, Look!"  Two words we need to add to our vocabulary.

"Come, Look!"  Two words that can trigger us putting down the work of our hands to go admire the work of theirs.

Stopping to look at the beauty puts a heart at peace.

"More important, we were at peace-no longer caught up in the irritating, mundane world but soothed by that God-given reminder of the Lord's power and presence."  MOM pg 81

"This act of directing their eyes and ears beyond the mundane to the wonders of God's work is one of the most important ways I can give my children the gift of inspiration."  MOM pg. 81

This week set a goal of saying, "Come Look!"  at least once a day.

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