Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Accessorizing the Seasonal Sweater Vest

Accessorizing the Seasonal Sweater Vest is easier than you might think.

You always want to start with a strong denim jumper base.

You may remember from last year's first day of school that my denim jumper is a little riskay.

If your Seasonal Sweater Vest has strong argyle appliques then you are really miles ahead of the game as far as achieving that pulled together look goes.  If you've done a great job picking out the basics you really only need to add a great pair of earrings, bracelet, watch and possibly a broach-especially if the weather is rainy and/or cloudy outside.

I do hope this tutorial helped.

Now we're ready to let the ABC's and 123's begin!


Anonymous said...

Oh Honey Baby me an Floydy so vary proud of you!!! I kaint even tell you.


We never knew you'd be such a trendsetter. But don't worry about the slutslit, honey...that dress is so stunning no one would even be distracted.

We love YOU, Mz Mama Teacher


Becke' said...

thank you Jesus! I was waiting all day for this post!