Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My First Day Of School

Hello Everyone, My mom is letting me do a guest post because today was my very first day of school. I woke up and my mom let me pick out anything I wanted to wear. I chose my shiny clothes because they make me look awesome. My mom fixed me waffles and I got to pour the syrup all by myself because I'm in Kindergarten now.

This is what my desk looked like. My other teacher besides Mommy is Mrs. Bere. She has a pretty bob haircut and today she wore a tapestry print sweater with her black skirt and the biggest silver Omega chain I ever saw. It was beautiful.
You all know my Mommy, Mrs. Bugs & Sunshine. She wore pretty gold earrings with sailboats dangling from big anchors. They were flashy. Look at my hair. My Daddy fixed it for me today.

This is Mr. Bugs and Sunshine. Yesterday he played baseball with me and my brothers and we chased each other all day. Tonight we get to watch our favorite show together. It's called Wipeout.

My baby brother got his hands on my crayons and my worksheet my Mommy had laid out for me all nice and neat. Mommy says God is teaching her to be laid back and less of a perfectionist so she said everything would be O.K. even though my very first assignment ever in my whole entire life for Kindergarten that can never be retrieved again was marked with scribbles from a two year old.

This is my other brother. He's 5 but he doesn't get to start school yet. Lucky.
Before my Daddy left for work we all prayed that God would bless our year and help us honor Him and learn lots.

This is my Mom in her denim jumper and seasonal sweater vest. Even though it did not light up or require a battery pack I still liked it but my big brother said she looked horrible. Mommy was freaked out when she saw the ginormous slit in her skirt that was an attempt to be the perfect modest Christian school teacher attire. I hope she doesn't get fired for being racy on the first day of school.

After school we loaded up the bus and met Daddy, Nana & Mamaw at the Cafeteria for Happy Meals. Some woman looked at my Mommy's pretty dress up and down and my mom died laughing. I guess being a teacher makes her very happy.

This was the best day ever. I learned what sound I makes and did a fantastic job.
Thanks for letting me share my first day of school with you!


icthus21 said...

I miss you Anna!!! You're going to love mrs. bere. she is a great singer.

Anonymous said...

you. did. not.
just smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

Jenny said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!! That teacher outfit is OVER the top:) LOVE it!!! Andrew said, "that looks like a good Christmas outfit"
So glad today went well!!

Amy said...

You crack me up!!! Love the "racy" teacher outfit! Luke is going to love school, I can already tell. :-)

New Every Morning said...

Vavavoom! Are you planning on dressing like that everyday? I don't think you would be too impressed with my pink and orange polka dot pj pants which are often my teacher attire.

Geidlbots said...

I am positive I could find you some sweet wooden school buttons for your jumpers.

Anonymous said...

Aw now Sweetie you did just great on your very first day of school! Pappa and I are just soooo proud of YOU!!!

And don't you even feel bad about little Jibs coloring on your assignment - you'll have lots of chances to get even. teehee

Oh - and tell your Sweet Mama not to worry about the hooker dress. Christian mamas can look hot too - heck, just look at Mrs Dugger!!!

Love You just bunches,


Betty said...

I love your sweater! Have a great time teaching your sweet things!