Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Atmosphere

The last couple weeks I've been asking God to give me a vision and wisdom on what our days need to look like.

We were ready.

Ready for schedules and summer days to be done.  We started school Monday and it has filled the air with an atmosphere of joy and excitement.  Bible stories, songs, and the sound of phonics is filling the air.  It is a sweet sound.

Atmosphere has been the word on my heart this last week.  I'm in a study with some other moms and we're reading a book together-this weeks chapter was on the atmosphere of our home.  That is a subject that is near to my heart!

So many things contribute.  The overflow of my own heart is the biggest thing that can make or break our home.  If I find myself being impatient and having a sharp tongue I know that I am not walking in the Spirit.  God's graciousness runs deep.  He can turn the hardened heart around in an instant.  A few minutes reading the Word along with a prayer of repentance goes a long way.

Tidiness also contributes.  When surfaces are clutter-free and orderly our entire day is more peaceful.

Around the 5 o'clock hour we light a candle in the kitchen.  It does something to set the mood that it is time to transition into dinner, bath, book and bedtime.  My current favorite candle is from Wal-Mart.  It is Cranberry Mandarin and you can get one for $3.25.  This candle smells so amazing.  It is very fragrant.  The label peels off.  You can tie a pretty ribbon around the candle to make it look pretty.  There is something about the flicker of candle light and the smell that create a feeling of warmth and coziness.

On these hot summer 100 degree days we've had to keep our blinds closed.  Turning the lamps on around 5 before you start cooking dinner also does wonders for creating that atmosphere of warmth and home, even when it is still light outside.  As you get busy with dinner, dishes, baths, jammies and stories the sun will begin to set.  Having the lamps on will make your home feel very cozy.

Good lighting, candle glow, yummy smells coming from the kitchen...these are the things I grew up on in my parents home, and this is the atmopshere I like to create in my own home.

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