Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Yesterday I was overwhelmed.  Got myself all worked up over life.  Schedules.  Commitments.  If you asked me if I compared myself to other people I'd say no.  That is unhealthy and never leads down a path of God's choosing.  Last night as I sat on the couch boo-hooing to Shane I realized my eyes were looking around at other people.  Looking to how A+B looked on paper.  Looking at how I could make things work out best.

And just like that I was Peter in the water and I was sinking. 

Do you believe the Word of God is alive?  The Living Word?  Living enough to speak truth into your circumstances?  I do.

Listen to what God told me through His Word this morning.

God said He will instruct me in the way chosen for me.

I did a double take when I read those words in verse 12.

He will instruct you in the way chosen for you.

That's why looking around to other people is futile.  Because they are on the path of God's choosing for them and you are on the path of God's choosing for you.

Maybe you are looking around uncertain of if you are really on the path of God's choosing for you.  I have really great news for you.

The LORD confides in those who fear Him.  He will show you how to spend your time.  He will guide you in what is right.  He will show you the way He has for you.

Don't be like I was yesterday and put your hope in what does or doesn't make sense on paper.  Put your hope in God.  He says if you put your hope in God you will not be put to shame.  You don't have to fear the fear of failure.  He will show you His Ways and He will teach you His Paths.

Ask God to show you what to put your hands to.  When to say yes and when to say no.  At Bible Study last week someone shared that every day we can ask God to place our steps. 

This morning I prayed that.  As I was praying the phone rang.  It was a friend inviting us to the park to play.  The air was cool and it was beautiful.  My list of things to do was long but it was OK.  God gave me the freedom to put the lists aside and to enjoy the weather with friends.

It's surprising the way He places our steps when we ask.

Psalm 25, Psalm 90


Anonymous said...

This is one of your best! I love you!!


Jordan said...

I needed to read this. So glad Shane linked to this on FB!

Jennifer said...

Great post! I am constantly looking to others for advice/inspiration on household management. And while that can be a great source of ideas, I find myself constantly comparing myself to those people, thinking my day is supposed to look like theirs, and wondering why I just can't live up. We went to the park this morning too--with the dishwasher still full, clothes all over the girls' floors, and not an ounce of cleaning done even though I declared Tuesdays to be my "cleaning day." (Ha! Never happens.) I wish I could quit worrying about what other people say being a good homemaker looks like.

New Every Morning said...

Oh, friend. What a perfect post. I love this and needed it today. You've prompted me to seek HIM first, not myself, my computer, or anything else. Just him.

In His Army said...

Thanks for this, girl. I needed to read this.