Thursday, March 31, 2011


Awake!  Awake!

The two words that have been on my mind.

Do you ever get the feeling that you have settled into the unholy?  The routine, monotonous way of our culture?  The Idon'tneedtheHolySpirit to help me today because there's nothing big happening?  The I've got no plans today to live life in a way that would warrant the need for help from God or guiding from the Holy Spirit?

There are more questions I have.

I've been wandering where the fruitful labor in my life is?  Not the pat I'm staying home raising my kids making them disciples answer. Important? Yes.  All there is?  No.  Here's the deal.  I am very comfortable staying home raising my kids.  It is in my pulse. A huge part of what I was created to do.  It is a treasure.  A gift.  But.  That still, small voice won't leave me alone.  The still small voice of The Lord God Almighty who keeps whispering I have more if you'd let me in.

So with two hands, palm up, wide open my heart says Yes. Yes please come into my days.  My suburban home.  The life with 3 kids and a mini-van and soccer goals in the back yard Yes.  Please come in.

Several times over that last month the exact same quote has come across my path.  "If your dream is not intimidating to you it is probably insulting to God."

It has been about two weeks since my prayers have turned to an almost desperation cry to The Lord.  Please enter into my days.  Unpry my hands from the things I hold so tightly.  Change my vision.  Help me see.

We had a fire going in the fire pit.  It was a gorgeous Spring Day and we were enjoying the backyard.  Anna!  QUICK!  Get the water hose!  A spark had jumped into the yard and the grass was burning up and it was burning fast.  We put the fire out and I was reminded about a big upcoming event.  The one where fire will test how we've built and the quality of what we built.  It will be shown for what it is.  It will be revealed with fire.  It will be tested with fire.

That has me thinking about the only things last forever.  God.  God's Word.  People.   The souls of men and women.  The Quality Filter.

You want to try something that will totally freak you out and pump you up all at the same time?  Ask The Lord Almighty, God of the Universe to reveal to you today what living your life as a sacrifice to him looks like.  Today.  Right here.  Right now. Every head bowed every eye closed nobody watching.  Just Kiddin.  Really though.  Ask Him.  What needs to change.  What needs added in.  What needs taken out.

When that tiny thought or opportunity pops in your mind you probably will not want to do it.  You may but you may not.  And what if?  What if God On High heard you and spoke back.  Gave you something to do.  An opportunity.  A way to be the hands and feet of Christ in someones life today.  Fruitful Labor in The Name of Jesus.

He hears.

The cry of the broken-hearted and hungry he hears.

He talks back.

Not remaining silent.



Life changing.

The thing that adds color back into the bleakness of an ordinary life.

It is addictive. 

Starting to see God's fingerprints all over that ordinary life you've been living.


Becke' said...

this is good stuff, bugs. The idea of being accountable to Jesus for everything...parenting, etc, has been on my heart. It is so terrifying, and then I remember that all I have to do is surrender and He can do these things through is HIM in me that accomplishes anything that will stand the heat of the fire.

Brittney said...

awesome...I was just hoping for a quick decorating idea or some way to whip my house into shape in 5 minutes or less...and then you remind me of the Most High, the Holy One who loves me deeply and cares more about my soul then my house. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You are affecting more lives than you know. Mine especially, and when you affect mine, you affect hundreds here... It multiplies for every life you touch, you are touching all they will touch... Love you!

Amanda said...

Love this! Thank you for sharing your heart, as always!