Friday, March 18, 2011

23. wind chimes filling the air

24. asking a 5 year old what floral means and him dropping to the floor to make a carpet angel
25. sunshine streaming onto carpet
26. the reflection of dancing leaves on the floor
27. flecks of dust floating through air
28. white, flower filled trees that look like snow
29. peacefulness of early morning
30. warmth of the fireplace
31. God's Word
32. lamps in early morning
33. coffee and cream
34. my oldest waking early morning to read with his Mama
35. first song of the day being sung from the trees
36. clean sheets, so soft, smell so good

I've been counting.  Counting the gifts in the days.  Looking around with eyes that see.  Hearing sounds I was numb to.  Awaking to God's goodness all around that I was blind too.  Counting to 1000.  1000 blessings.  1000 gifts in the now.

166. Mamaw's Quilt on my bed
167. lazy, cooling whirl of fan
168. soft light entering through blinds turned down

Ingratitude.  The sin that threatens to plague every waking moment of every day.  Discontentment with it all.  Home, work, marriage, wanting to be married, decorations, everything.  Tainted by a heart of discontentment.

170. hot water and soap to wash with
171. bird pecking around for food
172. squirrel flying through air to new tree
173. soft lamb's ear growing in garden
174. climbing jasmine
175. first blade of green grass in sea of straw

Joy.  The gift available if we put on a different pair of glasses to see with. 

1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  The little book that found it's way into my hands last Tuesday that I cannot put down.  The little book that My Heavenly Father is using to usher in a new era in this heart.  The beauty of it all.  A dare to live fully, right where you are. 


The Merediths said...

I'm reading that book right now, too....

New Every Morning said...

I feel more contented just reading this list.
Thank you, friend!