Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Swiffer Or Fly?

Feather Dusters.

A very important topic of discussion.

To Swiffer or Flylady?
The beauty of a feather duster is that your surfaces can be dusted clean in seconds.  You take the Flylady one and shake it outside to clear the dust out.
My Flylady feather duster is a few years old.  I feel like it does a good job.  The really nice thing about the Swiffer version is that you can see the dust on the duster.
Either way you go kids like getting in on the action!


Becke' said...

that last pic is sooooooo precious!

Anonymous said...

I swiffer! Enjoyed this post and it's pics!

Anonymous said...

The bottom pic totally made my day. I thought fish tacos and running 3 miles was pretty good, but seriously? Contact Swiffer and send them this picture. Totally ad worthy! LOVE IT and LOVE those boys.
Red Bull Manning