Monday, February 14, 2011

This little guy grabbed a sucker out of his bag and that was all he wanted.  He came back to grab another sucker and some chocolates and has been in Willy Wonka Heaven ever since.

My Valentine gave me a Scentsy gift card which was such a fun surprise since we said we weren't giving gifts.  Tonight we'll have my 86 year old Mamaw over because we always pick her up for dinner on Valentine's Day Night (you like that, Valentine's Day Night?)  She's the one who got on to me for not bringing her to our Dinner & Dance fundraiser at church Friday night so she could cut a rug. 

Our big Valentine's Day gift is a gift to ourselves this weekend.  A weekend at home with a clear schedule to do anything our little heart's desire.  We'll put the kids to be early Thursday, Friday & Saturday night and watch movies and have fun appetizers.  We might play games or get some fun books to read, but it's our Bed & Breakfast getaway at home.  This week I'm kicking it into high gear to clean and get things where they belong so we can relax together and have some fun this weekend.

We put this on the calender because it is hard to carve out time for just us.  There is always an opportunity to go and do and if you are like us it is hard to say no.  The nature of Shane's job causes us to be on call 24/7.  Making time for each other is something we have to be intentional and proactive with. 

Listen to me when I say you do not have to spend money or go somewhere out of town to take a family vacation or create a memory that will last forever.  You can do it right at home.  When the babies are little you have to be creative.  If you don't, it will slip right by you.

This week as I work around the house I'm thinking about the fun things I want to do this weekend.  Xaxby's has some new White Cheddar Cheese Sticks.  Shut up doesn't that sound so good?  It does not take a lot to make me happy.  Throw some good food and decorating books and magazines my way and I'll be happier than any girl in the world.  We also have a new hamburger place in town.  They use 100% fresh products and they grind their meat fresh and in house.  The fries are cut from fresh potatoes in house.  The only thing they serve is burgers and fries.  Whatever! 

We'll I'm off to work on my Valentine's Day gift for Shane.

Big Hugs to you!

Eat something good today.

Get you a Happy Hour from Sonic.

Make it a Route 44 just because you can.

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Geidlbots said...

Dave and I ate at that burger joint, and it was so good--super greasy, but GOOD!!!