Monday, February 21, 2011

Pull Over

This weekend turned out a little different than I imagined.  During our down times we planned to do things that refresh us.  For me that was going to include decorating magazines and thinking about my home.  It turned into a weekend of unscheduled revival.  Shane and I get a kick out of the 'scheduled revival'.  We see it a lot on back road church billboards when we're traveling to see his folks.

So this weekend turned into a lot of Bible reading and talking to the Lord about things.  I did not plan on extended time in the Word and Prayer but am thankful and changed because of it.  In a nutshell, I feel like I was cruising along, getting by pretty good and this weekend we pulled the car over and stopped it.  Not only did we pull over and stop, but we turned the car around to head in an entirely different direction than we were going.

There was a lot of time spent talking to God about what kind of ship I am running around here in the day to day.  I found out something that was, um, humbling and disheartening.  This weekend God revealed to my heart that I've been reaching a very low bar in how I am managing my home life.  If you shoot for nothing you will hit it every time.  This weekend I got a real, vivid picture of how with a little discipline and direction from me, our days can become more intentional and purposeful.

I am on a new mission.  A mission to first and foremost make God and His Word the first and last thing on our hearts each day.  To have His Word hem us in behind and before.

For starters, this morning I read the Proverbs to the boys while they ate their cereal.  I simple task that took 3 minutes.  We had a short prayer of blessing for God to guide our time today and make it His.

Last night at Community Group we read the story about Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding.  He gave me an exciting picture that we can bring him our simple resources, something as simple and ordinary as water.  And we can bring it to him and he can transform it into something exquisite, valuable and very costly.

That is the plan.  Bring him our days.  One simple ordinary day at a time. Take 3-5 minutes as a family to very simply speak His Word out loud together and commit it in Prayer to him.

Tonight before bed, we will very simply have a time of prayer and Thanksgiving over the provision of the day.  If there are sins that need to be confessed we can do that.  We will praise God and ask Him to make us to make us more like Him.  To help us on our journey to more fully center our simple, daily lives around Him.


Page said...

I love it! I miss you! Let's hang out soon!

Becke' said...

I love that have His word hem us in before and behind.

Amy said...

That is awesome--great post.

Anonymous said...

That's remarkable. And not because you planned it, but because you just simply made yourself available to Him.

It's like that with our children. We've heard about planning 'quality' time - that that's more important than 'quantity' time. Huh??

The truth is, you can't plan quality time. It's safely nestled in the quantity time. God even has a name for it - hidden treasures. And we have to wait an be patient for those nuggets.

You'll be just hanging out with your little ones, and after a while - kind of out of nowhere - they'll reveal some really important part of themselves. And sometimes those are the very most teachable moments.

The Hidden Treasures of His Word - you got a double dose!! How exciting.

Love Ya!!!