Friday, October 29, 2010


Have you seen oilcloth? It is a waterproof type of fabric with a lot of creative possibilities for adding charm to your home, especially in your kitchen. You can line your silverware drawer with it. You can line the shelves underneath the kitchen sink. The shelves above where you keep your dishes and glasses.

Here are two adorable prints I found at How cheerful would you feel when putting away your dishes if you were greeted by cheery strawberries or oranges every time you opened your drawer or cabinet?

Another thought I'm thinking about. Painting my table and chairs white and lining my seat cushions with a vintage print. It wipes clean. We've reupholstered our chairs twice. There is a slight possibility they may or may not feel crunchy and hard because of a carpet cleaner someone who shall remain nameless used on them to clean them.

What do you think, three cheers for Oilcloth?


Karen said...

Love all the different choices. I have seen something that was like used for oilcloth rug? Not sure if it is the same thing.

Geidlbots said...

I love oilcloth. You can also make bibs for toddlers out of it, child-sized smocks and aprons are good too. There is one blog I read, and the author makes lunch bags out of it. It's super useful.

Amanda said...

So is the oilcloth IN the cute designs you have shown? I like this idea, but don't really know what oilcloth is!! Fill us in!!

Anonymous said...

Amanda-Yes, the oilcloth is in the cute design. The two prints on my post are the actual oilcloth fabric print-if you click on the link it will take you straight to their page with all kinds of patterns.

It is basically like designer looking fabric on the bolt at Hobby Lobby or Hancock's, but it's slightly shiny and waterproof. It looks like you buy it by the yard just like regular fabric.


Paige said...

i LOVE oilcloth and now they are carrying it at hancocks. they may have always had it, but i just discovered it yesterday. some really cute prints too. the selection is slim, but what they had was nice.