Monday, October 25, 2010


At our house when Dad leaves we don't just say Bye.

We give hugs.


High Fives.


Booty Bumps.



Then the boys ask every single time if Daddy will wave bye.

So we all four gather around the window and wave.

If it is an extra special day we get the wave and a double honk.

We are a rowdy, wild bunch. A friend and her two precious daughters came over today. I got tickled. My boys were running around. I'm making lunch. Please put your clothes back on kids. No you cannot have another cheese stick I'm standing here making your nachos for lunch. Where is your shirt? Do you want tea or orange juice to drink? Yes you have to take a nap today. Put the cheese sticks down I'm plating your lunch. Don't take that diaper off.

Sweet times.

I think.

1 comment:

New Every Morning said...

A house full of love. What could be better?

You know I can't leave without saying this:
"Plating your lunch" ?? You actually plate their lunch? Impressy!