Thursday, October 21, 2010


Every Spring a beautiful post-card arrives in my mailbox.

Wonderful I think. One of my dear friends is hosting a nice Spring Brunch on her patio and I've been invited.

And every stinkin' year I flip the gorgeous post card over to read the words...


Please call our office to schedule your yearly appointment.

So today I've been super excited that we have only fun stuff planned for this weekend. Tonight I even bought fresh pressed apple cider from Gala apples for us to enjoy this weekend.

And then. Excuse me for a moment.

And then, I happened to glance at my calender for tomorrow.

And so The Great Socks or No Socks debate begins...


Karen said...

You are tooo funny! Nothing like it. Just think of all your blogging friends and chuckle as you put the paper gown on.

Anonymous said...

girl, you know the drill:
fresh pedi: no socks
no fresh pedi: socks

i have that lovely appt in 5-6 weeks and am already dreading it.


once a year it sucks to be us.


'The H Family' said...

Oh make me laugh!! I feel like that has been the last three years of my life....socks or no socks?!? I have my six weeks in a few weeks and I am DONE for a while. :)

Amanda said...

Hilarious! I can always count on you for a good laugh, friend!

icthus21 said...

I just had my yearly two weeks ago...but since my mom had breast cancer i get to have a mammo too! Yippeeee! It was fun...mostly b/c they both came back fine! At least when your having your test the likelihood of someone asking you if your Russian is pretty slim. For some reason my boobs looked Russian to the mammo lady! :)