Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Summer House

If I built a dream house this is what it would look like.
Charming white picket fence and porch. Sunny yellow paint. Ivy growing up the walls. Colorful flowers lining the path. Lights on inside, always.
When I took health in college I am not kidding one day my professor had us all close or eyes and imagine a happy place. Well, I am not serious enough to get into stuff like that so I shut my eyes and was creeping out about the freak show session that was going on during class. A little too hokey for my taste, ya know what I'm sayin? But man oh day, he had us searching for our happy places for a long time.
Did he forget to prepare lesson plans?
Yeah, I bet so too.
So anyway, after awhile it was getting boring so I started thinking about my happy place.
It had a charming cottage with floral oversized chairs inside, white walls with beadboard, board and batton. Arched doorways. Striped wallpaper on the walls. Thick crown moldings around all the windows, door frames, baseboard and ceilings. Jasmine growing outside. Sheer curtains blowing from the breeze flowing through the open windows. A waterfall was nearby. There were lots of colorful flowers. It was yellow, sunny, bright blue skies and green, purple, pink and orange on the ground with the flowers and plants.
My preacher says we're probably all going to have our own thermostats in heaven and we can adjust how we want it, so my thermostat would always be set between 68-74 so you cold folks would want to be sure to bring a light jacket.
I sure do enjoy beauty. Some days it takes a little more looking around to find it hidden within the day, but every days holds some beauty. I hope you enjoy yours today.

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