Saturday, June 27, 2009

Come to Jesus Mtg.

This afternoon at 1:49pm we had a Come to Jesus meeting. The boys were SO EXCITED about it. The meeting occurred right before Mommy snapped, yelled, repented and sent everyone to bed with strict instructions not to come out before 4:00pm.

The following is a depiction of what occurred while I was on business calls for about 45 minutes. Tonight we had 30 friends over for dinner and as you can imagine having to clean this up was, well...we'll let the photos speak for themselves.

I just grabbed the camera and snapped 2 quick shots. I kid you not, this is the 3 ring circus we were running around here. 3 half dressed kids bouncing all over the place. One of the reiterations during our meeting was you are only allowed ONE SET of clothing per day and ONE SET of pj's. These gir...boys change more than me. I want Superman underwear. Now I want Spiderman. Hmmm. On second thought I feel like Batman pj's with a cape. And in the end they wind up with nothing on anyway.
I love em' to pieces though. They do the sweetest things like help me in my laundry room decorating. They were so proud of themselves and had me close my eyes and led me to the laundry room before we showed our house a couple days ago. They said, "Mommy, we helped decorate the laundry room!"


Anonymous said...

laughing out loud over here on stagecoach rd.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the decorations for the laundry room!!!!

Leslie said...

love this post. And I love that L is STANDING ON HIS HEAD(proving your point)! =)

In His Army said...

this is hilarious although this is what my house looks like 90% of the time and I only have two that make the mess! HOW on earth do they do that? :) Love the standing on the head shot...too funny!

Mae said...

HAHahha! I laughed out loud when I saw the pic of your three boys "in action."

Wendy said...

LOL!!! This is one of the best blog posts EVER!!! I love the photo of one of them naked upside down on the couch even though I know it probably made steam come out of your ears.....God bless moms of little boys!

the Fosters said...

Love it!! So sweet how they try to help! I think it looks good too!
We all have those moments!