Thursday, June 25, 2009


This morning I went to the store, early and I was the first car to park on the entire row right in front of the store.

I just realized that Kroger is open from 6am-1am. I always thought they were open 24 hours a day. So, if you need a carton of Breyer's Ice Cream that's on sale for $2.29 this week and it is 3am, you need to go to the SuperCenter instead.

There is a new website I just learned about called and you can get lenses and frames for $8. Shipping is a flat $5 no matter how many pairs you get. Thanks Amanda.

Here is my new invention I'm waiting on my Patent for-use the lid of the shaving cream can to hold your razor in place. I was having trouble with it falling off the shower caddy and with 18 kids that seemed to be posing a potential hazard. The lid has solved my problem and it does not fill up with water or get yucky. Nice.

My parents really recently treated our entire family (16 of us) to a week of vacation at Big Cedar Lodge. We all went grocery shopping when we got there, and ended up with 7 bunches of bananas in the room. The joke for the week was if you came to the door you got offered a banana as a welcome gift and as a parting gift when you exited stage left.

It makes me feel really rebellious to buy white bread vs. wheat. I have white this week. They make the best PBJ's. And the Welch's Squeezable Strawberry spread-don't even get me started-that stuff is delish.


Jenny said...

hahaha... we've made the switch to wheat here and I was NOT happy but I'm getting use to it... I LOVE white bread:(

In His Army said...

We love some Welch's squeezable strawberry jelly. And for the record, we eat pb&j pretty much every meal. :)