Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hearing His Voice

A big thing I've been praying for lately is asking God to help me hear His Voice clearly. We've made some big decisions lately-such as schooling for our oldest son. But even in the smallest daily decisions, such as do we have time to run to Targe' or will doing so stress us all out, I want to be in tune with his plans for our day so that it will run more orderly.

I shared about how God spoke clearly to me regarding my Dallas trip and I have a few more examples to share. It is so exciting because I have asked for this, and with the help of the Holy Spirit giving me eyes to see answers and ears to hear them, God is showing up in truly unexpected places. It is not anything I have done-except for ask God a lot to grant this request to me...and he is.

The biggest way God confirms his will and speaks to us is directly through His Word. Another big way is through other people. The biggest decision we've been praying through is whether to send our oldest to Kindergarten this year or wait another year. We decided last week that we both feel it will be best for him to wait one more year. In the meantime, I am going to homeschool him this upcoming year and he gets to join an organized sport of his choice.

God used His Word to confirm this by leading me to some verses. The message of I Cor. 2:1-5 told me that God enables those he calls to proclaim His Name. Ex 4:12 says I will help you speak and will teach you what to say. There are more but the main theme is that God equips those he calls.

Even today at the doctor's office as I was waiting I struck up a conversation with a lady sitting there. Guess what. She is a Kindergarten teacher and she confirmed our decision to wait another year 100%. She encouraged us to do school with him this year and that it would give him a good footing and lead him to success. I was blown away that even waiting for an appointment, God brought a teacher along my way to confirm His Plans once again for our life this year.

"Listen to his voice and hold fast to him, for the LORD is your life." Deut 30:20

"LORD please give me a mind that understands, please give me eyes that see and ears that hear." Deut 29:4

Our book club just started reading God Is Closer Than You Think, by John Ortburg and it is exciting because I think the book is going to be about learning to see and hear God right now, today, in the midst of life, wherever you are and whatever your occupation.


Kelli said...

We held Sloan back this year and I'm really glad. I questioned the decision a little because Sloan is such a smart kid, but this year turned out to be a big year for him behaviorally and he's just grown leaps and bounds. If we had sent him to kindegarten, I think it would have been a much rougher transition. Good for you for taking this decision seriously and really praying through it. So many parents don't even think about it.

Jenny said...

I'm sure you'll be glad you've decided to hold him back... I don't think having another year with them at home will ever be a decision you'd regret!

Leslie said...

I'm so glad that you've joined our book club and that I'm getting to know you better. I've been working through some of the same issues about school with Liv, and it's so cool to see God answers MY prayers as well. See you tonight.