Thursday, February 12, 2009

Web MD

Shane likes to call me Web MD because I should have been a doctor.

I've been very sick this week. The worst case of Strep Throat I have ever had, and I've had it a lot. Usually it's just a nuisance, but not this time. I had high fever, chills, aches, headaches, etc that started Monday night and have gone to the doctor twice.

My Shane and My Parents are the absolute best nurses ever. I love them all so stinkin' much. Thank ya'll for taking care of me and the boys.

Oh and I was so embarrased at the doctor's office. You hear stories of 3 & 4 year olds talking candidly about people and it's funny when it's your friend and not you. But, my oldest made 2 comments this morning that had me horrified. One big lady walked in the waiting room, she was tall and just a large woman. L said, "MOM, THAT LADIES KIND OF BIG ISN'T SHE?" Then he wheeled around and looked at another lady and back at me and said, "MOM, THAT LADY ONLY HAS ONE TOOTH." Then I squeezed his wrist as if to say if you want to see your next Incredible Hulk birthday party you MUST be quiet right now. He said, "OWWWW, MOM, WHY DID YOU DO THAT, THAT HURT MY WRIST REALLY BAD."

Thanks goodness we were called back shortly thereafter.


Jennifer said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I've never had strep myself but it does not sound fun. So you can't feed Jibbers any more ever, or just for a time?

the Percifuls said...

Oh, I do hate strep throat. Hope you get well soon. Let me know when you want to reschedule the party for.

Jenny said...

Ohhh... bless your heart! I hope you're feeling better.. BUT I am glad to see strep didn't steal your sense of humor;) you had me cracking up!
One time Cameron took Andrew to the bathroom and there was a guy at the urinal and Andrew said, "He's really fat, isn't he daddy?" Ugghhhh... we were like, where did he hear the word fat? OMG... it was bad.