Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Manicure On The Go!

Here is some advice for a quick manicure. You are about 15 away from pretty hands. I got this idea from Real Simple magazine and love it.

  • trim your nails to a uniform length
  • apply a good lotion. don't stress over having the "right" kind. any thick lotion or hand cream will do.
  • apply one coat of metallic polish. revlon has 2 great options :gold go get em, and metallic copperglaze.
  • you can do this on your hands and feet.

It is amazing how a quick sweep of metallic polish makes your hands look and feel so much prettier. In only takes literally a minute to paint your nails with one coat of this shimmery polish, I know because I just did it. If you don't have metallic polish you can pick up a bottle for less than $5.


Amanda said...

Ooh! Will get me some tomorrow! One minute manicures is about all I get these days...usually as I walk out the door unable to touch the steering wheel...

the condrays said...

i am SO gonna try and i SO wish i had read it before i went to wal-mart tonight 'cause i gotta get some metallic polish.

christinnjon said...

If nail polish actually stayed on my fingers, I'd do this! Although, I could do it on my toes. It's been waaaay too long since I've given my toes any attention!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind words! I'll be back to visit again! :)

the condrays said...

oh, another tip...before you apply lotion to your hands, take some regular old cheap facial scrub/exfoliant and scrub your hands with it...it's amazing what it will make your hands look like and you'll feel like you have been pampered!