Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Opportunity for YOU.

Shane and I are hiring right now with our jewelry business.

If you or someone you know are in need of some additional part-time income be it $200 a month or $1200 a month, send me an email and I can mail you some information to look over.

We have an amazing opportunity we would love to share with you. We give a $50 gift card towards free jewelry just for letting us spend 30 minutes with you sharing about our business.

We have an amazing referral program. After you understand how our business works, if you refer anyone to us and they become a jeweler, we pay you $100 CASH.

God is blessing us so much and if we can bless others during this time we want to help.

If you are even the least bit curious about what I am talking about, you owe it to yourself to let me mail you some additional information.

My business is allowing me to stay home full-time with my babies and I add an additional $1000 to our monthly income and that is working about 12-15 hours a month. (one night a week for about 3 hours). I set my own schedule. I have no monthly quotas to meet. I keep no inventory in my home. I get paid to give away free jewelry and help women look and feel their best.

If you like people, jewelry & money you need to leave me a comment and let's go to Starbuck's and chat.


Anonymous said...

I have a referral for you. Her name is Barbie...I don't know her last name. She is Mike and Paula Wilbanks' daughter from church. I was talking to Paula this morning and she said Barbie was looking for something...but liked staying home. I told her about Premier. Call Paula...call me if you need her phone number. I pray God continues to bless your business.

Alison said...

I love this wording...do you mind if another jeweler uses this idea?
It was good to see you last night and let me tell you...you were ROCKIN' those pearls and tourquiose pendent!

team larsen said...

Nothing to do with jewelry but how else can I respond to your comment? Frittatas...yes, baked in the oven. Any oven safe pan will work (not teflon) or you can make individual servings in a muffin tin. It's a great way to use up leftover meat and veggies!

Millionaire Maker said...

There are many opportunities always but many of us are a little feared of taking the step towards financial freedom because we are not sure about finding success.

amy mathews said...

Hey Anna. I might be interested in. I don't know if you remember me but I was at Samantha's show and then I was supposed to do a show and then you got sick. I love reading your blogs. It seems we have a lot in common. I have a lot of questions so so can you shoot me an email. My address is joshandamy99@yahoo.com

Amy Mathews