Saturday, February 7, 2009


Today our church had a Family Bowling event.

The boys came home with a flyer a couple weeks ago. Every single morning since they got the invite they wake up and say, "Mommy I love you, you are the best mom in the whole wide world, I can't wait to eat my vegetables today and obey the first time, and is today bowling day?"

Well, since I am such a good mom I let them stay up till midnight last night.

One of my brighter decisions I've made I'd say.

Getting ready for the big event this afternoon was just precious.

All the boys were crying their little heads off, it was adorable.

We made it and it truly was great. Watching Shane teach them how to roll the ball was a memory I won't forget.

I love the fact that it took the ball about 18 minutes to roll down the alley. And the whole 18 minutes, each boy would just stand and watch with so much excitement.

When we pulled up they said, "Yea!!! Are we at the Wii Bowling Alley?!?!!"


The Uptons said...

I'm glad it was so fun. We debated, but little W. is just tooooo mobile and toooo hard to many isles at a bowling alley, and honestly I just didn't want to fight it! Cannot wait til Thursday, is there anything I can bring or do?

The Uptons said...

I mean Friday:)

Jenny said...

We wanted to go!!! Andrew has had a stomach bug:( he hasn't thrown up since yesterday around 1:30 but we thought we shouldn't risk taking him to church just in case he's still contagious.

As far as what Piper's eating... I am still breast feeding her and she usually eats cereal two times a day. Sometimes her cereal is 1/2 veggies/ 1/2 cereal and sometimes we just do straight veggies. I usually make her food. She usually has sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, squash, bananas, sometimes broccoli.... and of course she eats her fair share of off brand puffs:)