Friday, February 6, 2009

A night in.

Tonight I made Potato Soup and it was Yum-O.

The boys are watching Madagascar.

Shane went to the Toby Mac, Hawk Nelson & Newsong concert.

I took my oldest on a date at lunchtime. We went to the pet store, Chick-fil-A, and Targe' to buy 5 toys with his $5 dollars money (as he called it).

He chose a big red glittery heart plate, Buzz Light Year socks, a Batman set of pencils, a Batman notebook and a pack of Orange gum. Sweet thing.

My purty mistreated pillows are unraveling. I love it! Neddie if you are reading this I may need to come and borrow your sewing machine.

Hope you have a restful weekend everyone.

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The Merediths said...

First, I love your pillows.

Second, I am commenting on your blog to answer your questions. I think Blogger needs to come up with some system for us to ask and respond better..

OK..I cheat and got the butternut squash cubes that are already cut up in a bag ready to be steamed at Kroger. They are a Kroger brand next to the prebagged salad mess.

I am totally freaked out about C choking. I am always ready in my baby CPR pose close to him. I'm a nut.

He did well with peas. He also likes beans, cheese, and cut up baked peaches ( I just microwaved them to make them soft.) He is eating much better now.

Have a fab weekend.