Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So here's my question

do all Olympians have naturally perfect white teeth or do they all have veneers?

YEAH!!! Shawn Johnson just won a gold medal. She is so stinkin' cute and bubbly. She's my FAVORITE!!! That big ole' smile. She looks like a kid on a Christmas morning on the platform getting her Gold!

Maybe Crest White Strips are a proud Olympic sponsor. I just cannot get over the perfect teeth.

And the trampoline event is so slammin' awesome, Seriously, it is really cool to watch.


Savannah said...

Jeremy and I watched a Japanese girl on the trampoline a few nights ago. We were both holding our breath, wonding when she'd either
a) fly through the roof, or
b) crash through the bottom of the trampoline, or
c) land 23 feet away.
She did none of the above. She was great.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, Shawn is cute! She seems like such a good sport, always congratulating the other competitors with that sweet smile. I hope she's back in 4 years.

Amanda said...

You wrote this before that Kenyan won the men's marathon on Saturday...his teeth were janky.