Sunday, August 31, 2008

Flower Protocol

Apparently after 8 years there is still some confusion with my man on when and when it is not a good idea to send flowers. Let's start with Exhibit A.

The Large Pot of Chrysanthemums.

These were a very good choice. They will be here all Fall, unless I kill them like my Chives/Basil. See Exhibit B.

I was too sad to do a "I killed my herb garden my Mother In Law gave me that I was so excited about" post. So, I thought I'd include them in the Flower Protocol post. I babied these things for nearly 5 weeks. I'm thinking I was overzealous with the watering can because I gave them a drink everyday while visions of Fresh Salsa and Loaded Baked Potatoes danced in my eyes. Thankfully Becke', who claims not to have a green thumb, has basil growing out the wazoo, and she has given me permission to bum some off her. Oh my Lord it sounds like I've taken up smoking. No people. Just a love of fresh herbs. For the love!

Back to Exhibit A-the potted Chrysanthemums. These were well deserved after a big come to Jesus meeting my Dear Husband and I had Thursday morning. Flowers are always a good idea if any tears have been shed. And a perennial for the garden, WOW.

Let's talk about Birthdays. This is the only occasion where a bouquet of flowers from Kroger is a very bad idea. Really. For a birthday I want something like an Orange Vanilla Trapp Candle or some Lampe Berger Oil. Here is a good rule of thumb. Anything kind of extravagant that you don't need is probably always a good birthday choice. Hence the $25 plus tax candle example.

Now, let's look at Exhibit C. These were a precious touch. These are, "Hey babe, I was mowing and as I was dumping the clippings behind the fence I frolicked through the field to pick these for you because I Love You" flowers. Score!

I really hope I have been able to clear up any confusion for the confused reader.


Stuart Fam said...

I can't believe this post hasn't gotten any comments yet! I laugh everytime I think about it! The last pic of the "weeds" reminds me of when we used to live in our old house that had a yellow and blue kitchen. I would go find the same flowers and pick them and display them so proudly. I didn't care if they were weeds, or had bugs on them, or stunk to high heaven. I had free flowers that matched!!! (PS===come bum some basil whenever!)

Anonymous said...

ummmmmmmmmmmm, 'bout them herbs.... who taught you how to garden? Y'mama?