Sunday, August 17, 2008

I mean really.

Emeril's nachos ruined my Life is Good t-shirt. It was a really cute one that says, "I'm with the band." I put the blasted thing in the dryer without double checking to see if the ginormous mess I made washed out completely.

I mean really. How hard can it be to remember to put Spray N Wash on the Wal-Mart list.

So now my Life is Good shirt will become my painting tshirt even though I haven't pained in like 8 years.


Jennifer said...

Sorry about your t-shirt. Have you tried Oxy Clean or something similar? I've gotten out dried-in stains with that before. Sometimes.

If it doesn't work, I guess it's a good excuse for a home makeover so you can paint something!

Jenny said...

Oooo... that stinks. those things ALWAYS happen to me. I really should wear a bib at all times.

The Uptons said...

Man, that stinks. Not a good feeling. But glad they were super good wore me out just reading the recipe!