Sunday, August 24, 2008


Sunday School:
This morning the 4 year olds at church were short handed so I sat in. One little girl prayed her little heart out, and she prayed and prayed and it was SOOOO sweet to hear the sound of her voice. She ended with asking Jesus if he'd come have a slumber party at her house.

Broken Feelings:
2 nights ago I got on to my oldest and he told me I broke his feelings.

The best advice I've heard this week:
Lighten up and start laughing more. Quit taking yourself and others so seriously.

My prayer for our family right now:
That our home would be filled with laughter and that God would enable us to laugh. A lot.

The Zone:
This weeks' zone to focus cleaning is the Living Room.

Good Smell:
Every single one of my neighbors, including us mowed this weekend. It smells so good and looks so pretty.

What is my deal with a good edging job? It makes me so happy to see a nice yard. Really. It is up there on the list right next to a love for chips and salsa.

The Word:
A couple of weeks ago I wanted to read about heaven. Ezekiel seemed like it talked about heaven so I turned there. The page before in my Bible was turned to Lamentations. There was a verse that talked about "The crown has fallen from our head." I have been asking God to rid me of any desire to be on the throne in my life, and for Him to be ruler of my days.

Is everywhere in our lives right now. We are in the midst of one of the busiest times of the year with school starting back. We are trying to make the most of it. It is hard. But a good kind of hard.

Good hair day:
I hope every single one of you has a good hair day tomorrow and that you get your 5 a day in. Or if that pretty much ain't happenin' then I hope you catch all green lights on your way to wherever it is you are going!


Stuart Fam said...

I am loving the slumber party comment...why do boys NEVER talk about slumber parties? Is this a blessing in disguise for us?

Jenny said...

Ohhh.. we're right there with you on busyness. Things are sooo busy right now.
And by the way, don't drive by our house anytime soon. Our grass is thriving!!!

the Fosters said...

Just thought I would let you know, not a good hair day and hit all the red lights on my way to work. Oh well! Thanks for trying! Have a blessed week!