Tuesday, February 5, 2008

W-H-Y (The 3 most loved letters of the alphabet)

Last night as I was washing my face before bed I could hear the boys talking back and forth in their bedroom. Moose kept saying, "Why Stinky Petey?" SP kept responding in frustration, "Moose, No more asking why, I allready told you!!!" To which Moose would respond, "Why Stinky Petey?" Who knows what the toddler conversation was about, but it was great entertainment.

When I went in to give hugs, kisses and high fives one last time, it turned into a pow-wow on SP's bed with me and both boys and they were saying they were hungry. So, I brought some cheese in, and we had a late night snack. Sitting there giggling and eating cheese with 2 boys in their pj's was so cute and fun.

We have big plans later in the week to take a field trip to the Kroger Florist part of the store. Hopefully we will get a cool car buggy, drive by the deli for a free cookie, and then go admire the sea of silver heart shaped mylar ballooons that are filling the ceiling area, it is so cool looking!

Speaking of Kroger, I made a big uh-oh last night. I accidentally unloaded a full buggy into an express lane check-out. I noticed the checker looked like she might hate me, but I thought maybe she is just not the chatty type. Well, after she bagged ALL my groceries (oops!) I noticed the bag boy wasn't there to load them into my cart, then I noticed how short the space for the bags was. Then it all started comin' together and I sheepishly asked, "UH, is this an express lane or somethin'?" To which she passionately pointed to the big sign at the front of the lane. I wish the sign would have been above her head, then I'd probably have noticed. All I saw was an open lane-yeah!!

Then on top of that, I had a coupon for 75 cents of Whole Grain Strawberry Pop Tarts. I'm new to the world of coupons and forgot to use it. She said I could go to the Customer Service and cash it in. I felt like the cheapest person on the world! Hey, Uh, Can I get my 75 cents please? 3 quarters and a little ashamed later I walked out. Just so you know, it's not as much fun to get 3 quarters from Customer Service as it is to see the savings on the bottom of your ticket.


Becke' said...

Guess what I did at K-
Rogers?? I forgot to use my kroger card! $190 buckaroos later, I was freaking out because I knew I didn't buy THAT much! So as I was in line at the service dept. getting a refund on my stamps--I bought them, but they were out...I was looking at my receipt and realized I hadn't used my kroger card. I got back a whoppin' $63!!! I guess that silly thing really does make a difference! I was praising God about the stamps thing cause I don't know if I would have thought about not using my kroger card if I hadn't been forced to stand in line waiting for a refund! Good things come even in the waiting!

team larsen said...

First of all, you have an amazing amount of time to blog. It's incredible, really! Second of all, when my kids are in bed and ask for a snack my first thought is "Hell no, that's 7 mins later that I'll get to bed AND I'll have to rebrush your teeth and there's NO WAY that's happening". So, you're beating me out for mommy of the year in two categories. CRAP! And I had high aspirations of getting it this year!! lol!

Emily said...

God bless Krogers' customer service department. I must have spent a hour there one day trying to return three canned items in line behind one other person. So I'm totally with you on the seventy five sents thing.

Tricia said...

You are so funny...

She "passionately pointed..." I've been there! Hey, I figure if the express lane is empty, it's fair game. HA!

And I'm convinced that all wealthy people are wealthy b/c they cared enough to go back and get that .75 cents - so good for you!