Monday, February 25, 2008

Dr. Update

Today we went to our high risk Dr. He said the baby's levels that he is monitoring are in the upper part of the normal range, but they are higher than he'd like them to be (meaning the baby is showing signs of anemia because of our blood issues, but not severe enough to have to take other measures just yet). We'll go back in three weeks for our next appt. The good news is we are reaching the mark where we will deliver early versus having to do an amniocentesis (sp?) or a blood transfusion in my tummy. That is very encouraging. I may good and well go till full term. I will be almost 32 weeks at our next appt. The baby weighs 3 lbs 3 oz and it's feet are about 2 1/2 inches long. We got the best look at the face today and it was really cute. This is a great motivator for me to get my office cleaned out and get that nursery up to speed!

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Jennifer said...

We got a good "face" pic at our 28-week ultrasound too. The most recent one (34-week) just looked like a bunch of blobs though.

Glad things are going ok for you and baby!