Saturday, February 16, 2008

Family & Friends & Prayer

This has been a hard week and I have been reminded of what a great family, parents and friends that I have. 5 days in a row, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, I got calls from very close friends and family that someone very close to them had died on each of those days. It has been a very emotional week. Death brings lots of unanswered questions. There are so many people around me hurting very badly right now, and my own heart is very heavy and consumed with grief.

I was studying last week in Matthew 15 (I think) about when Jesus fed the 5,000. The biggest thing that stuck out to me was how incredibly small and seemingly insignificant the offering was. It seemed like an impossible thing that Jesus could take the small offering and use it to feed and satisfy the masses. But he took it, blessed it, and did the unimaginable.

I'm thankful that we can bring to the table whatever we have to offer. A broken heart, failure, dissappointment, joy, fear, anger, a heart that wants to change, a heart of thankfulness, whatever it is, but that he takes it and blesses us just coming.

And a blog asking for prayer for people you don't even have names for seems like a small offering. If God moves it in your heart, I bet he would use and bless any prayer offered up on my family and friends behalf's. I guess I could just narrow it down and say prayers on my families behalf, because Shane and I have been blessed with the greatest friends, and they are just like family to us.


Jenny said...

I'll definitely be praying!!

Stuarts said...

It was nice meeting you this weekend Anna. If you don't mind, could I add you to my blog roll so I can keep up with you consistently? Let me know.

rindy said...

Hey Anna. I'm praying for you guys as you grieve that you will know God even more intimately as Comforter and Counselor.