Friday, February 8, 2008

Sweet Highlights Of The Week...

  • Looking in the rear-view mirror while at a stop light and seeing Moose's sweet little 2 yr old face with his chubby little chin, big brown eyes and red hair. He looked like a baby and a big boy all at the same time.
  • Stinky Pete telling Moose a couple mornings ago, "Moo-Moo you special to me!"
  • Standing outside their door at bedtime listening to their conversations, and hearing them tell each other they love each other.
  • At Bible study, when Moose and I got to SP's class to pick him up, they gave each other the biggest hug you ever saw.
  • Letting us eat chocolate cake this morning for breakfast just because it's fun and we can!
  • Setting up the nursery! Working on it anyway! The crib is back up and the clothes are organized and ready to be washed!
  • Getting to talk to my friend Heather for almost 40 minutes!
  • Going to a Valentine's brunch this Saturday at Becke's!
  • Went to a baby girl shower for my friend Heather Monday!
  • Going to 2 more baby girl shower's after the brunch tommorow for Amy & Jennifer!
  • Our dinner last night turned out SO YUMMY! Roast, gravy, mashed potatoes & corn! I wouldn't let the kids sit in my lap till I was done, I said Mommy needs to enjoy this!!! And I did!
  • Laughing my head off with Shane last night while we watched Conan O'Brian. What a nut!
  • For about 8 hours on Monday ALL the laundry was done! Like I said, it only lasted about 8 hours, but that is OK. The windows of the house were open, and the 70 degree breezes were blowing through the house, and it smelled so good!

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Jenny said...

I love the one about not letting the boys sit in your lap so you could ENJOY the good meal:) it made me laugh!

Aren't brothers so sweet! I just love watching the boys "be brothers".