Friday, October 12, 2012

Cold Snap & Knickers

It's always special, that first cold snap that catches me by surprise.

The boys don their one pair of knickers and tube tops I kept down, just in case it gets cold on us, and out the door we go to brave the floods.

Today I've been wading through bins of Fall/Winter clothing from the attic.  This coincides perfectly with my hankerin' to declutter.  The good news is I've already got a big trash bag full of outgrown clothes to donate. 

The other good news is my boys need some pants and maybe a couple long sleeve shirts.  That could be viewed as bad news except for the fact that Wednesday I started checking out boys clothes for the Fall.  There is some serious cuteness to be had and my boys are pumped that we get to go shopping.

This book is on my list to read.  Have you heard of it?  Everything about simplifying and downsizing makes me happy.  So that's my Friday.  Decluttering and changing out closets.

My closet has to wait until Monday.  The goal is to downsize by 50%.  I have the weekend to pump myself up that it can be done!


Jennifer said...

Awesome book! I highly recommend it. It might put a crimp in your shopping plans, though. :)

Carleigh said...

Ah! My community group is going through this right now. We are to chapter 2...the clothing one. Just a suggestion: it's not just a book to read, it's more of her challenge (to you) about how simplifying affected her life. So you kind of feel compelled to do it. Which is really tough...not trying to dissuade you just want you to have a heads-up for what you're about to enter into! :)

Bugs and Sunshine said...

I love a good challenge. I think I read somewhere where you'll wear 7 outifts for a month? Now that right there is the challenge of the biggest kind-haha!

Jennifer said...

You don't have to actually do everything she does, of course, but Carleigh's right... it will challenge you to make changes in your own life. This is NOT one of those books about simplifying and downsizing with the goal of having a neat, tidy, easy-to-maintain house so you can relax and enjoy life more. I like books like that too, but this one is different. It's really about denying yourself the things you've been brainwashed into thinking you're entitled to. It's about how our excess in this country is in stark contrast to the poverty in the rest of the world. It's a total shift in our American way of thinking.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Jennifer, that is so good. It sounds like it is going to be a hard book to read. One look into the excess of my closet tells me I live in excess way too much.

What changes have you made since reading the book?

Jennifer said...

Hmm, it's tough to say what is a direct result of reading this book and what is a part of the changes David and I have been making the past several years as we've become much more aware of social justice issues in general. We already do a lot of the things she talks about in the book, but it was a good reminder to not slack off, as I have a tendency to do sometimes. I guess it made me think more about whether I really need to buy something. We already don't buy stuff just to be buying stuff, but it might have taken me to a new level of questioning purchases beforehand. For a time, anyway. I probably need to read it again. :)

Have you read "The Hole in Our Gospel" by Richard Stearns? It's another good one. While his writing style isn't as elegant as many authors, it is an extremely important message straight from the heart and a book I wish every Christian would read. I have it if you want to borrow it.