Monday, February 6, 2012

Watered Down

My son was sick a couple weeks ago.  One thing was on my mind to help him get better.  Give him lots and lots of fluids.  Orange juice is what sounded the best to him, so orange juice he got.  But, I did not give him glass after glass of straight up orange juice.  I watered it down-a lot.  Half water, half juice.  I did not want it to hurt his tummy.

After several days he was not even questioning the watered down juice I was giving him.  He took the cup and drank without question.  Have you ever tasted watered down juice?  Let me tell you, it is does not leave you wanting more.

As I filled watered down sippy cups with half juice half water, I began wandering about my faith.  Have I been drinking the cup of watered down faith?  Have I drank the cup so long I don't even realize the flavor is gone and I've been living on-as my pastor put it yesterday-a cheap substitute?

The is no comparison to a cup of half juice half water and a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice fresh from the tree.  I want to drink from the cup of the hand of God, and I believe my days will reveal the change. 

My friend Becke' loaned me the book, Kisses from Katie.  I hadn't even made it through the prologue before I was under deep conviction and the words-Watered Down Faith are what kept playing through my mind.  As I talked on the phone with my friend today, we wandered out loud-can you really serve God the way he wants you to in America?  Neither of us had an answer.

All the wealth and conveniences are blinding.  Don't you want to live a life that makes a mark on the world for Jesus?

You ask me what the will of God is,
And I will answer true
It is the nearest thing that should be done
That God can do through you!

So, today I will cook meals and clean them up.  I will wash and fold the laundry.  I will work with little boys teaching them how to make a cursive capital letter I, how to make a little p, and how to add double digit numbers.  I'll talk with my neighbor when I go outside to get the mail.  Tonight, I'll gather with friends and we will pray together for God's glory to be shown.  And all the while, I'll be asking God for a favor.  To please not let me be complacent.  To give me eyes to see opportunity.

Last week my Bible study teacher said your neighbor is anyone God puts in your path with a need that you have the means to meet.  I'll pray for God to let me see others.  I will ask him to take away the watered down and replace it with that which really satisfies.

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Women Living Well said...

This is such a beautiful post! And I think we are doing the same things today - teaching cursive letters and double digit math lol!!! Love it!

Thank you for the very encouraging email and I REALLY enjoyed my visit to your blog!!! Keep pressing on in your walk with the King! We are on this journey together!