Monday, January 30, 2012

Fake Names & Tooth Faries

1. Last night our amateur Tooth Fairy was summoned to the house due to a tooth that was pulled during the nap time that never took place yesterday.  She's only done 3 gigs, so I sort of understand the mishap, but still, there's really no excuse for what happened last night.

Unfortunately, the Tooth Fairy fell sound asleep reading a book.  Thankfully Santa woke her around 5:30am because he was sawing some mean logs.  SANTA, did you make the drop?  AW NUTS!  NO, did you?  No, but I'll go do it.

Luckily the lady of the house  had placed the itty bitty tooth in a very large Ziplock Freezer bag.  I checked her Saran Wrap drawer and all she had was Freezer size bags.  I looked at her stash in the garage and I tell you if she had one box of Freezer size bags she had 5.  That lady needs to learn how to make a list and lay off the BIG Ziplocks so she'll have a sandwich size bag when she needs one.

It made the drop easier though.  The Tooth Fairy was able to pull the gargantu bag out from under the pillow and save the day in the last hour.

2. Saturday I was at my friend JLo's house.  The kids were playing and she was introducing me to  the cutest site!  We were looking at bill organizers, hot chocolate bars and oatmeal stations when my 3 year old came in saying, "Carter is playing in traffic!"  We went out to check and Carterbaby was nowhere to be found.  JLo's husband took out on foot headed toward the park, Shane got in the bus and the neighbor Kay got in her car.  After all hands on deck circled the neighborhood we finally found Carterbaby.  The dog, Coco Chanel got loose and Carter was chasing him.  A family the street over found him and Carter said, "I NEED HELP!  My dog is running away.  I don't know why she'd run away.  We have a nice house and lots of bones!"  After we knew he was safe we had a good laugh.  A nice house with lots of bones-sweet boy.

3.  Last night at community group someone called 3 year old Addison by the name of Sophie.  Did they just call her Sophie, I asked Addie's Mom.  Yes!  That's her fake name.  That got the ball rolling for the three of us womenfolk who were sitting on the couches visiting.  We all had fake names.  Leslie was Vanessa and she used to play Mardel with her friends.  They would do price checks on King James Bibles and everything!  So dang funny.  Tiffny was Marie and my friend Holly and I used to be Hillary and Whitney.  Oh my, the memories.

So, I just HAVE to ask.

Did YOU have a fake name growing up and if so what was it?!

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Anonymous said...

Always Tracy. When I was in fifth grade, I had my one and only sleepover. Ummm, excuse me, "bunkin' party." Anyway, we had a pageant and all 10 girls were "Tracy, age 21 from Miami, Florida!" ha ha.

Amy Manning