Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Discipleship Tuesday

Today was the first day of Daddy/Son discipleship time.  These two guys headed off to the Christian book store to get our son a new Bible.  His old one was falling apart.

Next, they were off to get $5 salads at one of our favorite restaurants.

Each week a different son will get to go with Dad for a special time of reading the Word and discipleship.

I always thought as the wife I set the main tone in the home.  But I'll tell you what, my husband taking leadership in this is setting a bigger tone than I ever could.

My husband is reading the entire Bible through in 3 months.

I do not want to take one ounce of credit for the things going on in our home but I do want to let you in on a little secret.

Ask for things you want to see.

Ask GOD for it.

For years, I have prayed a prayer over my husband.  That he would crave God and His Word.  He has always read the Word, but boy, there's a bigger stirring in his heart right now.

ASK GOD for what you need.

For what you desire to see in your home.

ASK God for change.

He will provide for your needs today.
Here's my big boy reading out of his new Bible!


Anonymous said...

Love it Love it LOVE IT!!!

Setting a foundation that WILL NOT be shaken in those precious Boys...
and such sweet memories. They'll carry this with them their whole lives. I'm so proud of you all!

Love YOU...

New Every Morning said...

It is a beautiful thing to watch our husbands fall in love with Jesus.
And then to pass it on to our children is, well, eternal!

Anonymous said...

Crying now!! Praying this for David as well. Thanks for sharing, Anna!

Kim said...

That's awesome, Anna. So sweet to hear that testimony and see your little man reading God's word with such excitement!