Saturday, January 7, 2012

Books Everywhere

I have books everywhere.

Study books

Bathroom Books

Purse Books

Spiral Notebooks (4 to be exact)

Other books scattered here, there and everywhere

2 translations of the Bible (NASB & NIV)

I don't remember when I became such a reader.  I'm very choosy on what I decide to spend time reading.  It's great always having a book on hand.  If you're in a season of life where you do not have the time to have discipleship type relationships (where you regularly meet with someone for spiritual growth) I highly recommend spending time reading great books.  There is so much to learn from people who have already walked the road you are on.

My top picks from last year were 1000 Gifts (Voskamp), Seasons of a Mother's Heart (Clarkson) and Resolution for Women (Shirer).

How about you? What's the best book you've read lately?

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Jennifer said...

Kisses from Katie! My favorite book I read last year. You know, of the three books I read. :) But really, if I had read more, I'm sure it would still be a favorite.

I'm trying to read more too. And I'm picky about what I read... I want it to be beneficial if I'm going to spend my time on it. I'm trying to shut things down and get in bed by 9:30 and read for 30 minutes. I make it some nights.