Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 I love extreme makeovers.  All the photos today are from Extreme Make-Over Home Edition.

Families who got the change of a lifetime.  Old homes, completely demolished.  Expert designers brought in to tear down and rebuild.  I've been asking God for an extreme makeover of my own.  Starting today, every time I see 11:16 on the clock it will serve as my reminder to ask for my own extreme makeover.

Proverbs 11:16 says, "A kind-hearted woman gains respect" 

Responding with kindness is not always my natural response.  Yesterday, when my 3 year old took his foot and purposely bent the page on the cover of my book, it was not kindness that emerged from my heart or worse yet, my mouth.  This morning, when my 6 year old came and jumped on me while I had a full cup of coffee, kindness was not the knee-jerk reaction my heart felt.

But could it be?  Could God come into my life, demolish the old and rebuild the new?  There's only one way to find out.  11:16  Code: Ask God for a heart filled with kindness.  Demolish entitlement mentality and rebuild with walls of kindness.  Demolish sharp tongue and rebuild with kindness.  Demolish anger and rebuild with kindness.  Demolish critical eye and rebuild with kindness.

The law of kindness is on her tongue.  The fruit that emerges from her heart is kindness.  She is known by it.  It defines her.  A banner that waves over her days.  Kindness.


Anonymous said...

Another great post. A great reminder that responding in love is a choice we make over and over.

Love YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

Can't thank you enough for sharing your heart on this one. I, too, have been under conviction in recent weeks about my kindness or he lack of. Especially toward my kids. Love you!