Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This is exciting that we are starting in the kitchen today. Let me tell you a story about 10 years ago when Shane and I were newlyweds living in a one bedroom one bath cute little apartment by the mall.

Every Friday was cleanin day. We'd both work on the 900 square foot apartment for 1-2 hours. Multiplied by 2 that's 2-4 hours of cleaning every week. Picking up, dusting, mopping, bathroom, vacuuming. The normal basic type cleaning.

By Sunday night, two days later, the place would look like a war zone again. Toothpaste on the sink and mirror. Stuff scattered here and there. Why? The answer is simple. We had too much stuff. Because our stuff did not all have a set place, piles would get shoved in the closets, drawers and under the bed. Hidden hotspots.

That is when I met Flylady. She taught me how to DECLUTTER. How to let go of all the stuff that was robbing my house of the feeling of joy and peace.

The very first place I started was in my Kitchen which is where we are starting today.

Can you spend 15 minutes in your Kitchen today?

Take a damp rag and wipe down the front of your kitchen cabinets.

NOW, if your kitchen is out of control that is OK. Click here and learn How To Declutter.

Basically you will open a cabinet or drawer and have 2 grocery sacks ready. One is Trash. One is GIVE AWAY. Your goal is to fill each bag with 27 things. Just open and GO, don't think just THROW.

If you don't still use it or love it or smile when you see it GET IT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE.

If you do this mission we'd love to hear what you think, stop back by and give us your thoughts. You may be the encouragement another mom needs today.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Bugs and Sunshine said...

I'm done with my 15 minutes. Who knew my cabinet fronts needed a good wipe down? The kitchen feels very fresh now.

Jennifer said...

Kitchen? What's that? Oh yeah, I think I remember... I hope to have one again in a couple more weeks. :)

New Every Morning said...

Even though I am a day late, I needed this encouragement today. My kitchen needs a little extra TLC.