Tuesday, September 14, 2010

be free my brutha, be free

my friend's son collin is in 1st grade and one day after church he went down the nursery hall and slung open the door to his little brother's classroom and said, "be free my brutha, be free!"

very funny indeed.

that seems like a good story to explain my absence on my blog lately. long story short we've been busy. busy in a strategic, wonderful, productive, intentional way. did i just say the same thing 10 different ways? dang, my husband says i do that to him too.

we talked about what we wanted a few weeks ago and the word structure and simplicity came to mind for both of us.

oh i have so much to talk to you about. things like houndstooth fabric, bathrooms, garages, bible studies, school stuff, all things fabric/trim/ribbon, recipes, a new twist in my decorating style, green paint, blue paint, red fish, blue fish. i hope you are up for it because these next few days are going to be fun filled around here.

we are going to be talking about freedom and possibility. it is going to be a fun chance for you to think about what you've been wanting to try lately but just haven't gotten around to. i'm not even just talking decorating wise here either. i'm talking anything. are there some things you've been wanting to do or try in life? be thinking about that, not to post on any blog but just for your pure enjoyment. what do you want?

the above photo: a sneak peak at something that i've been wanting to try for 10 months and got around to doing. stay tuned...as for now, it's after midnight, i traveled for my work tonight and am back home, in my pj's, ready to go to bed and am suddenly remembering one of my son's crawled in my bed in the middle of the night last night and pee peed, oops. we hit the floor running this morning and i went of of town and just got home and sat down, and blah blah blah i haven't had time to change the sheets, be on the lookout for pictures (not of pee pee sheets) . in the meantime i'm going to see if there's an open bunk in the casa so i can count those fluffy white sheep cause girl you know i'm not about to change sheets at midnight and the queen also doesn't sleep on pee pee sheets.

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