Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Fridge

Spend 15 minutes today cleaning out the fridge. Don't drag out every single thing and go crazy. Quickly go shelf by shelf. Toss what is old. Toss what you don't really use. Give each shelf a quick wipe down. Small task with big rewards.


New Every Morning said...

Ummm... is this your fridge? If so, I would volunteer to keep your children so you could go to the grocery store. :) Careful, that light might blind you!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Honey Child - now even YOU can't make dinner outta that!

Whussup w/that? Do i need to send Krogers to your door? Slip ya a Ben (Franklin)?

Could this be why Lil Red is always hongry?

Well...anyway it looks SUPER GOOD!!!

Love Ya,
Y'Mama go them them Babies some grub!!! :)