Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Custom Shower Curtain

Our house has this monstrosity instead of a curtain, which is not the most pretty thing to look at.
When we moved in I hung our fabric shower curtain to hide it. The thing about a store bought shower curtain is that they are never the right size. Don't you love a grand shower curtain that goes to the floor and is near the ceiling?

I went down to the Targe' and got another curtain rod. I took my red plaid curtain and hung it lower to the ground. The new curtain rod was hung over a foot higher.
My topper is 1/2 yard of fabric with pretty ribbon glued on the bottom to trim it. I clipped a piece of black gross grain ribbon to add interest.

You could do this, it was easy and affordable. Huh, you might want to iron your fabric. Or just be patient. After a few showers the wrinkles should steam out.

You will love the full look of customizing your curtain.


New Every Morning said...

Me likey!!!
Love the black/white combo!

The Holbrook Family said...

Anna, i love the shower curtain over the glass door. that is a great idea!

Amanda said...

Love this! I have had one custom shower curtain made years ago...it is long and I love it! And I'll probably die with the thing. I need to learn to sew. Bad.