Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I've been on the computer a lot less the last two weeks.

We've been reading quite a bit.

I am trying to stop and sit with the boys and just enjoy them.

They are a lot of fun.

We went to the zoo on Friday and it was a blast. I cannot wait to take them back. Part of their Christmas present this year was zoo passes. It was the best investment we've made on a gift!

My boys have some birthdays coming up and I've been trying to think of clutter free gift ideas. Any ideas?


Paige said...

a coupon book (made by you and shane) for things they love that they can "cash in" on a whim.

'The H Family' said...

sooo good to hear from you today...we def need to catch up and get together soon!!! for the b'days, we always tend to go for the 'large' items that can stay in the garage like a cozy coach, wagon, tricycle, etc... although, your boys are old enough that you may already have those items. we also just did one of those little swimming pools for one of the boys b'days which is wonderful cuz it deflates and goes back in the box when you are done with it. just some thoughts.... :)

New Every Morning said...

Way to go! It's a good thing to put down the computer and pick up a book. It's a great thing to add a snuggle into the mix. We are on spring break and I'm taking a little computer break myself.

Clutter free gift ideas:
1)tickets to a college/professional sport
2)a king-for-the-day pass book (breakfast of his choice, day off of school, bowling/gokarting/ activity of his choice, lunch at his favorite park, dinner of his choice and movie/video of his choice to finish off the day)