Thursday, April 8, 2010

Little Friends

This morning I was reading my notes from Bible Study and the thoughts were on helping your children form and cultivate friendships. It's an interesting topic of discussion because it feels like cultivating meaningful relationships is a thing of the past. My mother and father in law used to hang out with a couple sets of friends all the time-they'd even do holidays together sometimes. The result is that years later they still have life-long friendships.

(I love this picture. All three boys after baths last night. Pappa & Nanna gave them the pj's and Grandpa & Grandma gave them the books.)

Last year this thought was on my mind a lot. Shane and I were investing in adult friendships and we left the kids at home with a baby sitter while we went to Bible Study. God put it on our minds to start cultivating friendships with other families. The benefit is that our children are getting the blessing of little friends as well.

We have enjoyed hosting Coffee & Desert nights on Friday nights at our house. It is simple, fast and affordable. We'll invite a family over between 6-6:30pm for coffee & dessert. It's informal, low-key and fun. Usually we get all the kids dressed in pj's before the family leaves so they can go home and go straight to bed.

It takes being intentional to do this though. Some nights you just feel tired and worn out. You think popping in a movie is the best route and sometimes that's the case. We have found a big blessing though in opening our home to new friends. Just last Friday night we had been at the zoo all day with the boys. We came home and were worn out. Spur of the moment we invited a family over at 7:30pm for brownies, milk & coffee. The dads ended up dying Easter eggs with the kids in the kitchen and we just sat around and talked while the kids played.

My house was not perfect or company ready that night. That was hard for me. Really hard. Here's the deal though. I want to choose people over perfection. I am finding something to be true. People are perfectly comfortable to come to a house even if toothpaste is still on your bathroom mirror. Makes them feel more laid back and at home in your home.

So that's my thought for the day. Don't wait for the perfect house or the perfect moment to open your home to friends. It's worth the phone call (or text message ay caramba!). Memories. That's the payoff.

"Let us not give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing, but let us continue to meet together to encourage each other, and all the more as you see the Day approaching" Hebrews 10:24-25 (i think :), going off some old TMS memorization here!!!)


Liz said...

I completely understand the feelings you have for wanting your house perfect and how hard it is to overcome that. I deal with it all the time and have just lately learned that if my friends don't like my house or how I keep my house, then they aren't really the type of people that I should worry about pleasing. :)

Sorry that was long. lol

Thanks for stopping by!! I appreciate it.

Loving This Mom Stuff

Jenny said...

Jack Jack's hair is TOO much in that one pic where it's slicked down;) I'll have to show that to Piper!

Amy Wanamaker said...

I love this!! You're so right--I don't know how many times I haven't invited someone over because the house was a mess and I didn't have the energy to clean!! I will definitely be doing the dessert idea!! Hope you guys are doing good, tell Luke we said happy birthday!! Amy

Megan said...

this post makes me take a deep, calming breath. you are so right! Memories are what matter.

(and way to represent for TMS, baby!!)

Anonymous said...

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Bugs and Sunshine said...

megan you made me laugh!

those were the good old days weren't they?!

the Fosters said...

I love that you guys do this on Friday nights! You have such huge hearts and it is inspiring to me to do the same.

Your boys are precious and Jack Jack is getting soooooo big!!

Paige said...

i LOVE the coffee and desserts idea! i might have to borrow that one from you. thanks so much for sharing your heart! love you and i'm SO gonna miss you tomorrow.