Thursday, April 22, 2010


I love this picture. There is a reflection of more pictures on the opposite wall.
In the center of all the pictures is a plaque that reads,
"Enjoy this moment...for this moment is your life."

My posts have been sparse lately. That is because I've not been on the computer as much.

Browsing decorating blogs is so much fun for me, however, it was taking up too much of my time during the day.

As I mentioned last week, I was staying up too late, sleeping in too late, and taking a nap several days a schedule was too chaotic and the result was I was getting nothing done. Well, I've whipped my schedule into shape and things are going great now. Going to bed earlier, getting up earlier, drinking more water, reading more to the boys, playing's been great. The best part, I'm saving blog browsing for Friday night fun after the kiddos go to bed!

I wanted to share a thought my boss's wife, Joan Horner wrote recently. It is about Suzanna Wesley, John & Charles Wesley's Mother and gave me a lot to think about.

Susanna was disciplined. She practiced it, carefully structuring her day, making routine the order of the children's day. She was disciplined in her training of her children. She went over and over again with her children, the academic (and spiritual) lessons.

Susanna was disciplined in her own private devotional life. She was faithful in training, faithful to her husband-and faithful to God-consistent and constant. God made Susanna Wesley who she was for a purpose. God made all of us who are mothers for a high purpose. That thrills me!

Those difficult days when the babies are crying for no reason, when the 5 year old spills milk for the 19th time that day, when the pre-teen never wants to stay at home but wants to go to Susie's home. When the 16 year old calls "Mom, I hit the garage door with the car" -all of these events contribute to the purpose for which we are called. O Lord-may we remember our calling! A mother with children in her home is specially called...


The Rippy's said...

Hey Anna! I've been reading your blog about the coupon lady (Amanda) and I've been loving it! I've made some small steps and it's been some great money savings tips! I had a question for her though about the "10 for 10" that Kroger has going on right now. Does she have a blog or anything that I could post on to ask her about it? Thanks!

In His Army said...

Wow-I loved this! Thanks for the encouragement and reminding us not to neglect the important duty of being the wife and mother God has calls us to be!

Anonymous said...

Anna,if I may I would like to share somthing else about Suzanna Wesley. She never used having so many children and so much to do as an excuse to not have fellowship time with the Lord. All the children knew that when they found their Mother sitting down with her apron over her head that they were not to disturb her because she was talking with the Lord. I only had 2 boys at the time I heard this. I was frustrated that no matter what TIME of the day I tried to have a quiet time, the kids would wake up, or begin to act up. I was complaining to the Lord about how I was trying to be disciplined in this area, but the children were not helping any!! I heard Him quietly telling me that He didn't give me these children to use as an excuse to not fellowship with Him. Thus began my "Brother Lawrence" technique of how to worship, pray and praise the Lord. If you haven't read his book, The Practice of the Presence of God, I encourage you to do so.
Love you,

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Thank you for sharing that Barbara, that is great! I love that book.

We have a rule that our boys have to be quiet until 8am so Mommy can have her time. It doesn't always go perfect but they're learning.

We got our oldest a Bible for his birthday this year and it was precious-the first thing he did was get in my chair where I read. When he was done he left his Bible on the table by mine.

I hope they always remember their Mamma loving to read her Bible.